Mentorship with Linda Jarrett


Linda Jarrett

Linda will mentor you through your own personal journey towards Enlightenment and guide you on your Spiritual Path. Linda will unlock Karma, and remove all energy blocks to accelerate your Ascension journey.

Contact Linda directly to make an appointment.

£80  One hour session

Healing via Skype, by Phone or in Person

Mobile 07711679718 or 01903 776302 or


Angelic Healing with the Rainbow Angels

Linda works with the Rainbow Angels, the Rainbow Angels heal all of your chakras and not just one chakra. The Rainbow Angels heal all chakras at one given time, not individual chakras but all chakras are healed together at a pace that is just right for you. Linda works with all known Angels of the Light and Love, connecting to Archangel Metaziel who works under the direction of Archangel Metatron who is in charge of all the Angels and Archangels. Rainbow Angels work under the direction of Archangel Metaziel who heal all chakras/energy centres.

Rainbow Angelic Healing cleanses, heals, restores harmony, and peace-bringing balance to all of your chakras, thereby helping you to move forward into yet more light.

What happens during a Rainbow Angel Healing session?

  • Rainbow Angel Healing will clear and cleanse all your chakras.
  • Clear and Cleanse your Aura.
  • Cut negative cords and negative thought forms, and negative attachments to others and past experiences in this life and will begin too remove past life experiences.
  • Clear the mind, body and spirit of all negative energies.
  • Bring in Divine Love to give a sense of Well Being, and Wholeness and you will receive Divine Guidance.
  • If you have a disharmony in any of your chakras you can be healed

Linda is an Angel Therapy Practitioner. A session costs £60.00, please allow 60 mins.

Healing via Skype, by Phone or in Person

 I regularly do Rainbow Angel Healing via Skype and people say they feel much lighter and brighter when I speak to them.  Its amazing! I am a catalyst for peoples Healing.

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Clairvoyant Readings with Linda Jarrett

Linda has been Clairvoyant for over 20 years.

Clairvoyant Reading: 30 mins £40

Clairvoyant Reading: 45 mins £60

Clairvoyant Reading: 60 mins £80

If you would like to book a reading via phone, Skype or in person you can contact Linda via her site or book via the shop page.

For further enquiries or questions regarding a reading contact Linda via email:

or call on 07711 679 718 | 01903 776 302

Clairvoyant Reading – Testimonial

Linda Jarrett has a beautiful energy and a pure, angelic vibration which flows through her wonderful work and all the reading, counselling and healing sessions she so lovingly performs. Her quiet assurance and gentle voice complement her considerable abilities as a channel and medium to bring through wisdom and advice and enlighten any situation she focuses upon. I have always found her readings to be inspirational, compassionate and genuinely filled with helpful guidance and understanding – as well as a few positive surprises now and then – and I feel blessed to have met her and experienced her amazing gifts.

SR, Arundel

Had a wonderful reading with Linda, she is able to pick up immediately on what was pressing on my mind and put me at ease about the future, even though we have free will, it was reassuring to know that my thoughts and plans are not ‘pie in the sky’.  I was taken aback about things that my children are considering studying, and how accurate Linda was with all of this.  I really didn’t expect it. Linda comes across as a gentle, kind soul, with a wonderful sense of humour.All I can say is that my reading was awesome.”
Thank you,

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