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The 144 Temples of Golden Light act as a very powerful healing grid of energy working for the highest good of humanity and mother earth. There are also 33 temples that are surrounded by cities of light, and you may visit these during your sleep state or meditation, they are a gift from source. All of the temples perform specific healing functions, healing: emotions, physical body disharmonies, heart issues, healing your mind, healing children and healing animals. They are surrounded by the Rainbow Angels who can heal all of your chakras together at one time. They can be accessed and used by anyone, anywhere, and anytime.



e-book Temples of Golden Light by Linda Jarrett

In 2011-2012 I began channeling the temples of golden light and it took me 2 years sitting quietly on my own to channel where all 144 temples were placed in the etheric around the globe. I made notes and began to write a book, each temple took me on a magical journey. I connected with all of the pure energies on our planet, Native American Indians, Aboriginal, Maori, Mayan, Inca, Aztec, plus I connected to many star systems, and planets. Also I became aware of the Rainbow  Angels, and 2 new Archangels, celestial beings and pure white formless beings of light. All here helping us to raise our vibration on planet earth.

The 144 Goddess Temples of Golden Light were born, I travelled to many cities and countries where the temples have been placed in the etheric of mother earth and know that the 144 Temples of Golden Light are places of great healing and harmony. Carrying unique individual attributes, enabling you to embrace and nuture your own special spiritual abilities. I am so thankful for my journey, with its twists and turns, highs and lows…all the lessons, guidance, and experiences have brought me to a place in my life where I can truly appreciate all that has happened to me with the deepest of gratitude and a joyful heart.

Please note: Any problems downloading the e-book contact us directly and a copy can be emailed directly to you.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x



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    Since joining the emissaries group for the Temples of Golden Light, my experience has been nothing short of phenomenal. I have found myself transported into a realm of peace and tranquillity where I have benefited from receiving healing which has balanced and centered me. I am in awe of them but also totally at home when working within the sacred space that they offer. Christina, Reconnective Facilitator/Healer

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    Over the years that Linda has been channelling the 144 Temples of Golden Light, I have meditated with her and visited them in the etheric. In doing so it has become very clear that the energies in the temples can be quite different and each brings its own type of comfort and healing. When I meditate alone, if I am uncertain which temple will help me the most I simply ask for help, and trust that I will be connected to those that will benefit me most. I have no doubt in my mind that when I ask for healing, love and support for my personal well-being I am given what I need to help me face my challenges and lead a well balanced life. Julie, Reiki Master

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