Past Life Clearing & Current Life Clearing


Past Live Clearing and Current Life Clearing

The treatment takes 1 hour  £80 a session. ( via Skype or in person, Location: West Sussex)

For more information about this therapy feel free to contact Linda directly to discuss and arrange an appointment.


Linda has access to the Akashic Records, this is where all your past lifetime memories are held. Linda can clear all of your negative cellular memories that hold you back from moving forwards and experiencing a happy, joyful, fulfilling life.

Sometimes people get stuck in old patterns, old ways of thinking and they find themselves attracting the same people and situations, going around and around in circles, never moving forward because they are unable to shift beyond the same pattern or way of thinking. This causes people to become upset as they cannot move beyond this point. The same happens to negative memories from this life. Linda will clear all that needs to be cleared, when the time is right.

She can also clear you of vows, curses, spells, axes and anything of a negative nature. When we incarnate from one lifetime to another lifetime, we are not cleared in-between lifetimes. Because we accumulated the negativity here on earth this is where we are cleared. The same applies to karma good and not so good karma, we are born again to receive.


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