144 Temples

144 Temples of Golden Light

144 Temples of Golden Light


The Temples of Golden Light are specifically placed all around the world

The Temples of Golden Light are a gift from Source to rebalance planet Earth with Goddess energy, raising the vibration through Ascension. As an Etheric Temple each Temple can be visited during your sleep time or through meditation for healing and cellular renewal. The Temples of Golden Light are Ascension Temples, they act as conduits whereby Source energy comes down and enters the Temples changing all those within. This opportunity ignites our healing journey on all levels helping us all to gain inner peace and allow the realisation of our highest and fullest potential. There are 144 Temples of Golden Light at specific points about the globe. (see illustration of map above)

The Temples of Golden Light are surrounded by four Huge Golden Universal Global Seraphim Angels of the highest order. The Temples are filled with total love and much light, with the aim of healing humanity worldwide and Mother Earth herself, bringing peace to Earth. To enable us all to link together as one unity consciousness, they will help us to align with other solar systems, Galaxies and the seven universes surrounding this Universe.

The Temples of Golden Light raise our vibration, allowing our chakras to spin with increased frequencies of light, allowing us to release old programming, old mindsets and old energy that has become stuck, so we can all move forward on our spiritual journeys into yet more love and light.   This journey is helped by the Rainbow Angels who heal not just one, but all chakras/energy centres.

Ascended Master Lord Hilarion holds the directorship for all 144 Temples of Golden Light. Archangel Metaziel and his Divine Twin Flame Archangel Honiel overlite the Rainbow Angels who heal all who ask for healing. Archangel Raziel overlites the Temples, working closely with the creator, and it is believed he knows all of the secrets of this Universe and how it operates. Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizidec ultimately overlite the Temples.

The Three Goddesses overseeing the Temples of Golden Light are: Lady Nada, Goddess of love and Light is the twin flame of Jesus Christ. Jacinta, Mayan Elder Goddess of Love and Light connected to the Earth, Nature and Rainforests. Lathinda, Goddess of Love and Light from another world, known as the Lady of Gold is here to raise the vibration, of humanity and Mother Earth.

The Temples work with all known Archangels and their Divine Feminine Counterparts of the light as well as all Gods/Goddesses of the light and love of Source plus Ascended Masters of all the Esoteric Rays.

There are 144 Temples of Golden Light placed in the etheric all around the world:

39 Europe Temples of Golden Light

Istanbul – Turkey, Glastonbury – England UK, Stonehenge – England UK, Snowdonia – Wales UK, Dublin – Ireland, Edinburgh – Scotland, Paris -France, Lourdes – France, Geneva – Switzerland, Zurich  -Switzerland, Cologne  – Germany, Berlin – Germany, Prague  – Czech Republic, Budapest -Hungary, Amsterdam – Holland, Vienna – Austria, Salzburg  – Austria, Athens – Greece, Crete  – Greece, Paphos – Cyprus, Bodrum – Turkey, Rome  -Italy, Sicily  – Italy, Venice – Italy, Madrid – Spain, Seville – Spain, Lisbon – Portugal, Oslo – Norway, Mo I Rana – Norway, Helsinki – Finland, Warsaw – Poland, Stockholm – Sweden, Bratislava –  Slovakia, Zazanluk – Bulgaria, Zagreb – Croatia, Slovenia – Savinja Alps, Belgrade – Serbia, Tallin – Estonia, Kiev -Ukraine.

20 USA Temples of Golden Light

New York, Mount Shasta California, Sedona Arizona, Denver Colorado, Phoenix Arizona, Atlanta Georgia, Chicago Illinois, San Francisco California, Salt Lake City Utah, Detroit Michigan, Boston Massachusetts, Minneapolis Minnesota, Dallas Texas, Nashville Tennessee, Omaha Nebraska, Idaho Falls Idaho, Indianapolis Indiana, Little Rock Arkansas, Portland Oregon,Kauai Hawaii.

12 South America Temples of Golden Light

Macchu Picchu – Peru, Callao, Lima -Peru, Rio De Janeiro – Brazil, San Jose -Costa Rica, La Paz – Bolivia, Salto – Uruquay, Caracas – Venezuela, Santiago – Chile, Buenos Aires – Argentina,  Havana – Cuba, Honduras – Mexico City.

6 Canada Temples of Golden Light

Ontario, Vancouver, Quebec, Lake Winnipeg, Great Bear Lake, Amundssen Gulf.

4 Antarctica, Artic, Iceland, Greenland, Temples of Golden Light

North Pole, South Pole, Reykavik Iceland, Ammaslik Greenland.

7 Australasia Temples of Golden light

Uluru, Margaret River, Sydney, Cairns, Gold Coast, South Island, Suva Fiji.

10 India, Pakistan and Himalayas Temples of Golden Light

Agra, Amritsar, Calcutta, Bangalore, Sri Lanka, Lahore – Pakistan, Hyderabad, Kathmandu Nepal, Lhasa Tibet, Thimphu – Bhutan

15 China and Asia Temples of Golden Light

Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Hunan Changsha, Xianyang, Yantsze River Zhengzhou,  Gobi Desert Mongolia, Tokyo Japan, Padang Singapore, Samar Phillipines, Dandong China, Hanoi Vietnam, Ipoh Malaysia, Bali Indonesia, Atyrau Kazakhstan

9 Africa Temples of Golden Light

Cape Town, Mogadishu Somalia, Lilongwe Malawi, Tombouctou Mali, Huambo Angola, Nairobi Kenya, Casablanca Morocco,Tunis Tunisia, Cairo Egypt.

5 Russia Temples of Golden Light

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Siberia, Omsk, Ayan Stanovoy Mountain Range

5 Middle East Temples of Golden Light

Beirut Lebanon, Al Basrah, Abu Dhabi Oman, Bethlehem Israel, Jerusalem Israel

12 Oceanic Temples of Golden Light

Pacific Ocean 1 off Hawaiian Islands USA, Pacific Ocean 2 off La Paz Bolivia and Lima Peru, Pacific Ocean 3 off Tokyo Japan, Atlantic Ocean 1 off Bermuda outside Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean 2 off Island Cape Verde Gambia Africa,Atlantic Ocean 3 off Rio De Janeiro Brazil, Indian Ocean 1 off Rockingham Perth Australia, Indian Ocean 2 off Colombo Sri Lanka, Mediterranean Ocean off Valencia Spain, Caspian Sea off Azerbaijan,Artic Ocean off Spitsbergen north of Norway, English Channel off Dover England UK.

Cities of Golden Light

city of light, Temples of golden lightThe buildings are futuristic with source light energy flowing in and out of the cities of golden light. The buildings are connected by walkways, surrounded by light that radiates, outwards, downwards and around everywhere. They are all linked as part of a grid work, beaming out frequencies of golden light. There are sections for education, psychology, understanding and healing.


You can experience some of the powerful mediations with the Linda Jarrett (Templeofgoldenlight)  joining Linda on Facebook for her live Meditations on Sunday 10am (GMT) visit facebook and join @templeofgoldenlight or by listening on her You Tube Channel.