Affirmation Creams

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I am delighted to present my New Range of Temple of Golden Light Affirmation Creams for Well-Being

I have created 18 different Affirmation Creams each cream comes with a positive affirmation and contains 3 Organic Essential Oils in an organic base cream. The cream will connect you to the energy of an individual Temple of Golden Light and will assist your healing and general well-being. Each cream comes with its own affirmation alongside the unique combination of essential oils creating a beautiful fragrance for you to enjoy.  

Temples of Golden Light Affirmation Creams for Well-Being

Affirmation Creams by Linda Jarrett and the Temples of Golden Light

Linda Jarrett

Each individual cream gives you an experience of changing an emotion into positive from negative. It’s a simple thought process, changing the cells of your mind, to help you achieve and receive your dreams in life. Basically you change your thought process and manifest your desires. 

When you focus on thinking positive thoughts you will gain positive experiences, this will help you to be happy and feel supported. The aim of the creams is to help you heal and move forward. I have called the creams Affirmation Creams for Well- Being as positive thoughts create positive actions and this creates well-being in all of us. The more you apply the creams the more you invite positive thoughts into your life, and you will achieve a balanced outlook on life.

The Affirmation Creams are called:

Balance – I am Balanced – connecting to Istanbul Turkey Temple

Abundance – I am Abundant – connecting to Athens Greece Temple

Believe – I Believe – connecting to New York USA Temple

Manifest – I Manifest – connecting to Mount Shasta California USA

Tranquility – I feel Tranquility  – connecting to Antarctica, South Pole

Love – I am Love – connecting to Agra India

Magical – I am Magical –  connecting to Glastonbury England UK

Heart – I am Heart Centred – connecting to Paris France

Harmony – I am Harmony – connecting to Phoenix Arizona USA

Joy – I am Joy –  connecting to Margaret River Perth Australia

Forgive – I Forgive – connecting to Lourdes France

Inner Peace – I feel Inner Peace –  connecting to Bhutan Himalayas

Unblock & Release – I Unblock & Release – Pacific Ocean One

Self- Confidence – I am Self- Confident  – connecting to Uluru Australia

Empower – I am Empowered – connecting to Sphinx Ancient Egypt

Clarity – I see with Clarity – Sedona Arizona USA

Enlightenment – Enlightenment –  Macchu Pichu South America

Earth Star– I am Grounded – Stonehenge England UK

Organic Base Cream containing 90/9% organic ingredients including a blend of Olive, Flax and Sunflower oils in addition to Shea and Cocoa butters. I use only Organic Essential Oils in all my Affirmation Creams. Apply creams to wrist pulse points twice a day preferably morning and evening.

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Love and Golden Light

Linda x